Helpful Sinulog tips

SINULOG is the most awaited festival for almost every Cebuano. It is the season of the year when Cebu is very much alive with almost every corner of the city having its own revelry. It is a time for us to thank the Almighty for the blessings He bestowed upon us. It’s also a time to bond with friends and family, to have fun and enjoy.

To make the most of your merrymaking during this season, here are some reminders to help you better celebrate Sinulog 2012. To everyone, “Viva Pit Senyor!!!”

During Novena Masses

1. Be aware — know the mass schedules.
2. Be cool — bring fans, umbrellas.
3. Be careful — don’t leave your things unattended.
4. Be vigilant — always watch over your belongings.
5. Be hydrated — drink plenty of liquids, bring (lots of) water, juices, beverages.
6. Be known — bring at least one identification card with emergency contact numbers.
7. Be respectful — turn off cellphones or place them on silent mode.
8. Be prepared — make sure you have coins handy if you’re planning to light candles.
9. Be ready — familiarize yourself with the entry and exit points and paging booths.

Sinulog Parade

1. Don’t sweat it — wear light and comfortable clothes.
2. Don’t be flashy — avoid wearing expensive jewelries, and bringing expensive electronic devices.
3. Don’t be bulky — if possible don’t bring bags.
4. Don’t heat up — wear hats, bring umbrellas and fans.
5. Don’t get soaked — bring handkerchiefs, face towels to keep dry.
6. Don’t be unprotected — apply sunscreen to protect skin from the heat of the sun; wear sunglasses to protect eyes; bring umbrellas and jackets or raincoats to protect one’s self in bad weather.
7. Don’t dry up — bring water, liquids, beverages; bring wet tissues to keep your skin moisturized.
8. Don’t be careless — always watch over your personal belongings.
9. Don’t be ignorant — familiarize yourself with the parade route.
10. Don’t forget to accessorize — bring your Sinulog paraphernalia like whistles, hats, etc.
11. Don’t bring small children/elderly/pregnant persons — they could get lost in the crowd, easily catch disease, or get stressed out by the crowd.




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